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At Dallas Construction Recruiters our job is to help your firm find, attract, and secure the best construction talent in Dallas.

Let’s discuss the process:

When we say find, it means identifying the companies that your firm competes with throughout the greater Dallas area. The type of companies that do the exact size and scope projects that your firm builds. Same thing for construction materials, we would locate and find the firms that sell the exact type of construction materials you sell to your customers.

Once we identify the companies that you compete with then we start sourcing the people within those companies that perform the same duties and responsibilities of the criteria of your position you are seeking.

Once we have all of the people identified in those companies that meet your criteria, we start recruiting these individuals until we find that perfect “match” for your firm. And that means, years of experience, education, project types, responsibilities, and track record.

Once we have a candidate that matches your search criteria, we present this candidate to your firm for a confidential interview. This is where the “attract” part of the process comes in. Working with your firm, as a team, we give you insights into the candidate on what it will take to attract this person to your firm. This is where it will be crucial for you to merchandise the opportunities within your firm. This is a slower process then what you may be used to, but it is a very important step in the process.

Once you interview the candidates and decide on one for your position, it’s time for the secure part of the process.

We help your firm find, attract, and now secure the candidates you see from our firm. It’s a total team effort.

When we say secure, that’s give you insights to what it will take to secure this candidate to your firm. The title, compensation, everything!

We will stay in the local Dallas market as much as we can. In come cases, especially upper-level positions, it might require us to relocation a candidate for your firm, but our experience tells us for most middle manager and supervisory positions it won’t be necessary to relocate someone into Dallas.

If you require us to go outside the area, we will, but again our experience tells us it’s better to have a local candidate that knows the local suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors, so the candidate can “hit the ground running” and lesson the learning curve.

Our services go beyond just recruiting and sending you qualified candidates

We can assist your company preliminary background and reference checks, verifying salary and education, and just about anything that will make the process easier and faster.

We cover the pitfalls of counter-offer with all of the candidates, which is very important in the recruiting process. We help your firm with offer templates and we can also extend offers, as needed.

As you can see, this is a very team oriented approach. We are hired and work for your firm, not the candidates. There are no games with us like, whiting out names and phone numbers on resumes, we pass along everything about the candidates to your in the initial stages.

Most of the work we do at Dallas Construction Recruiters is of a confidential nature, so everyone at this firm is very skilled at handling confidential situations. If you need to replace an employee or if you just want to keep it confidential, we understand and work in these types of situations everyday.

I hope you can see that we have the experience and industry knowledge to help your firm find, attract, and secure the best construction talent in the greater Dallas area.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with your soon!

Please contact us via email or you can call us, there is always someone that will answer our phone!

Look forward to meeting you!

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